Saturday 28 February 2015


Today’s businesses are under closer scrutiny than ever before: from carbon emissions, increased financial disclosure to human rights records, in a digitally engaged world, no single issue exists in isolation.

Edelman’s Sustainability team helps our clients navigate the path to sustainable business so that ecological, social, ethical and economic wellbeing are at the heart of a company’s decision making and corporate reputation.

Edelman firmly believes that being a sustainable business is about measurable and effective strategy and execution at the intersection of three domains:

  • what a company sells (its products/services)
  • how it operates (its governance and supply chain)
  • who it is (its brand values and ethics)

We understand the challenges, both external and internal, which organisations face in addressing economic, environmental, ethical and social sustainability.

Businesses can become overwhelmed by often contradictory demands and expectations of what Sustainability should look like. Our approach is to keep it simple – one big idea, expressed in a straightforward way and delivered with integrity and impact, is all it takes to start impactful change.

We work with organisations to navigate the landscape at any stage – from cradle back to cradle – from strategic counsel to tactical implementation.

Our services include:

  • Strategic counsel and peer-to-peer sounding board
  • Multi-stakeholder engagement programmes
  • Employee change management
  • Thought leadership platforms
  • Corporate Responsibility reporting
  • Advice on public policy and policy development
  • Issues tracking and monitoring

The opportunities for organisations to genuinely develop and communicate a sustainable business model can create value through helping to cut costs, drive innovation and growth, reduce risk, motivate employees, increase customer loyalty and enhance reputation with key public and regulatory audiences.

Our Team

Edelman’s Sustainability practice brings together a team of experts in the field as well as industry experts. They are supported by a network of external advisers including Professor Noreena Hertz, Fellow, Judge Business School, Cambridge University; and Jules Peck, environmental and wellbeing adviser and Director of David Cameron’s Quality of Life Commission.